Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's Tough to be Al Gore

It's also tough to still fight the "wide scientific consensus" fight that global warming alarmist cling to. Who is a member of this "wide consensus"? NASA's own James Hansen. Hansen made headlines claiming that his reports on global warming were "silenced" by the White House. However, now Hansen's supposed good nature and desperation to save the Earth has come into question.

Based on the research of a 15-year old girl.

Kristen Byrnes, a 15-year old blogger, has researched not only Al Gore's tendency to lie about global warming, but also Hansen's ties to the Democratic party through endorsements and 6-figure donations.

Kristen has also noted the expanding research that says nearly 80% of rural temperature stations, whose numbers have been used to demonstrate the .77 degree increase in world temperatures over the past 150 years, may be compromised by their locations and surroundings. Having a temperature station that measures "rural" temperatures found above a concrete pad or next to a burn barrel might have raised that average temperature a bit.

Check out Kristen's site. It's tough to be outsmarted by a 15-year old, isn't it Al?

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