Friday, June 15, 2007

More bad news

The national and international media is a joke.

First comes the AP (Associated [with Terrorists] Press) and their constant intentional propagation of terrorist propaganda. Now that the civil war in the Gaza Strip is over (with the terrorists winning - it hardly matters which side we're talking about) the AP has decided to print a variety of Hamas propaganda photos, with such sights as a terrorist with an AK coming out of a baggage x-ray machine, and terrorists with AK's and RPG's posed at computer terminals at a border crossing checkpoint in Gaza. These are not news photos, they are terrorist propaganda delightfully captured by terrorist-sympathizing Gaza strip photographers designed and transmitted with the intent to encourage other terrorists or simply emblazon Hamas' "success" to the rest of the world. It's a wonder I won't pay for a newspaper subscription - I'd rather not finance these monsters.

In other news, with word that the Jack Daniel's distillery in Tennessee is running low on water because of a drought, John Roberts of CNN playfully insisted:

...somebody said to me this morning that that will get Southern conservatives interested in global warming. (Laughs)

I ask - is this news? Is this commentary? Is this deliberate disrespect? Is this discrimination? Or is it simple a matter of liberal intellectual elitism and a nasty case of "I'm better than you conservative drunken idiots" syndrome?

The national media is a disgrace.

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