Monday, June 11, 2007

News Roundup 6/11/07

The city of San Francisco continues its fight against the Blue Angels. Every year for fleet week in San Fran the Blue Angels come and do a fly-by over the city. However, in the liberal/socialist/marxist haven of San Francisco the city leaders think the aerial spectacular is evil because it's supportive of the military. Amazing.

Newsweek continues its series of articles on faith with the astounding question: "In obtaining salvation, in your faith perspective, which is more important, faith or good works?" Riiiiiiight...

The Democrats continue one of the most corrupt congressional sessions of all time. They have now, in addition to being indicted many more times than the previous congress, found a way to bypass the previous Republican congress' reforms. Oh, and will the media report that Harry Reid's approval rating is half that of the President's (19%)?

Finally, the Democratic congress has had another (near) victory. Unfortunately, in an attempt to avoid passing legislation the Democrats failed at a vote of no confidence for the Attorney General. I expect an email from John Kerry soon.

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