Friday, June 01, 2007

The Palestinian Death Cult

A lot of things can be said for the Palestinian / Israeli conflict, but those who claim the Palestinians are innocent bystanders suffering under Israeli occupation are missing a (possibly the) main part of the story that is rarely if never told.

The Palestinians that live in Israel or next to it are raising their children to be anti-semitic Jew-killing suicidal murderers. There's no other way to describe it. Very rarely have we seen in human history an entire society based on the murder of a specific ethnic group.

Take two examples. The first is of a kindergarten graduation ceremony of Palestinian children shouting "Death for the sake of Allah!"

Next, there is a new film coming out focusing on the extremism fostered and bred in Palestinian children as a result of parental control, government propaganda, and one of the most vicious and successful spin machines in human history. Tokyo Rose of the 21st century is convincing children that murdering Jews in Israel gets you virgins and Ferris wheels after your suicide, and makes you an awfully cool kid right now. And it's getting worse.

Again, as with most stories worth knowing, the absence of media coverage concerning the Palestinian death cult is astounding.

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