Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday News Roudnup

Just another day in our world:

First, Bob Costas gave in to his severe case of BDS and stated on his radio show that:

I think it is now overwhelmingly evident, if you're honest about it, even if you're a conservative Republican, if you're honest about it, this is a failed administration. And no honest conservative would say that George W. Bush was among the 500 most qualified people to be President of the United States.

That's right: we can all have an opinion. If you disagree with mine - that George Bush is essentially a bumbling idiot - then you are one, too.

Next, on the Today show Matt Lauer did a public service announcement for everyone's favorite communist dictatorship - Cuba. He propped up how beautiful it was, how many tourists come, and how great Cuba is all around. What poor elitist Lauer fails to understand is that measly group of 2 million tourists that show up to Castro's island prison every year prop up the homicidal dictator, and thinking that the sunny beach they were allowed to film from is anything like the rest of Cuba is like assuming Cancun is like the rest of Mexico.

Finally, to wrap up entertainment news, the View, while now down a hostess after Rosie quit the show shortly after calling American troops terrorists, everybody's favorite unemployed actress - Kathy Griffin - claimed that Condi Rice is just a tool of the white man. Why? Because black people - especially black women - can't be conservatives! It's always staggering to me that in our progressive identity-minded world people can still claim to know more about who a person is than the person does themselves.

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