Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What if we built a memorial to 100 million murder victims and no one came?

That's exactly what happened yesterday in Washington D.C. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the Victims of Communism Memorial and the old media yawned. Why is it that communism is no big deal to the liberal elite?

In a perfect world communism is a great strategy. If you watch enough Star Trek, you'll see that their "world without money" is essentially the perfect communist paradise. The problem is, as the tragedy of the commons tells us, that communal governments never works because individuals take advantage of the situation. Therefore, communism only works under totalitarian conditions which inevitably deteriorate into torture, mass murder, and the annihilation of freedom.

Why is it that we forget the 100 million victims of communism? Why is it that the 25 million victims of Soviet rule, 60 million victims of the Chinese, and the torture and murders committed by Castro go forgotten? It's because in the perfect liberal society, the ultimate goal of socialism in economics and government inevitable falls forward toward communism. Never mind that socialism and communism are abject failures wherever and whenever they have been attempted - they are still the far left's perfect dream. The mention of communism in their minds brings up the "terror" of McCarthy, not the Soviet gulag.

The greatest scourge of the 20th century was the "evil empire" and the murderous thugs of communism around the world. If you want socialism head to Europe - if you want universal health care, I heard that Cuba is beautiful (and totalitarian) this time of year. As a great writer once said "Which way are the rafts headed?"

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