Saturday, October 15, 2005

Activist Judges? What Activist Judges?

Today the AP via FoxNews reports on Justice Thomas and his granting of a stay on an order by an 8th Circuit Court judge, pending a meeting of the entire Supreme Court.

What was ordered by the 8th Circuit Court was that a Missouri prison should transfer and pay for an inmate's abortion.

She is between 16 and 17 weeks pregnant. In her court filing, she said she discovered she was pregnant shortly after being arrested in California in July on a Missouri parole violation. She said she tried to get an abortion in California but was transferred back to Missouri before it could be performed.

Once in Missouri, she was told of the corrections department's policy.

The Missouri state law is that no state funds can be used to perform abortions. This includes the cost of the guards that would be needed to transport her to and from a clinic. The 8th Curcuit, however, ignored state law and demanded that Missouri do what was necessary. It claimed that the state not paying for a desired abortion was "illegal."

Finally, the ACLU jumped into the fray with this mind-numbing quote:

"Forced childbearing is particularly cruel for inmates who must deliver a child only to part with it for an extended period of time if not permanently," he wrote in the woman's court filing, noting that the prison does pay for prenatal care and transportation to a hospital for delivery.

"Forced childbearing" will cause the inmate to "permanently" part with the child? What the hell do you think abortion does? Did the ACLU spokesman say this with a straight face? It truly boggles the mind.

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