Wednesday, October 12, 2005

People Search for the Darndest Things

From time to time blog sites like ours post the interesting things that people search for and by doing so end up at our site. Some are fairly normal, such as searching for "Radarblog" or "On the Radar." Others, however, end up here after looking for:

cotecna's shares

Well, this got people to one of our postings on the UN.

orgeon, doctor assisted suicide,federal vs. state

This search got people to our commentary on states' rights and the Supreme Court.

what does the constitution say about poeple like hurricane miers with no degree to be the supreme judge

Hmmmm... What, uh does this mean? I hope that he or she got what they wanted...


Susan Klopfer said...

Yeh. What I'm searching for is who is paying for this blog... Are you by any chance working on my tax dollar?

radar said...

Susan? Uh... it doesn't cost anything to run this blog. It's free...

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