Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ask and You Shall Recieve

The whining and the crying and the shouting all comes to a head...

Bush has no plan for Iraq? Then what's this?

I will now predict that this will be called childish, stupid, pointless, a lost cause, etc.

However, I did prefer Bush's old plan for Iraq...

1) Get Saddam
2)Kill Terrorists
3)Help and train the Iraqis to kill terrorists

...but that's ok.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. This plan is the infantalization of America. A war plan for 6-year olds. I already deleted this blog from our site...

UPDATE again: Here comes the attack dog of the NY Times Editorial Board. Doing a 180 from their previous argument (that there is no plan) they now claim that this new plan is "nothing new" and is just a rehashing of the current failed policy. I think someone could do an entire blog only on the hypocrisy of the Times. That is, if you have $50 to spare to read it.

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