Thursday, November 10, 2005

French Concerns Diminishing?


Although it looks like the AP would like you to think so:

Violence in France fell sharply overnight, the police chief said Thursday, one day after the government toughened its stance by imposing emergency measures and ordering deportations of foreigners involved in riots that have raged for two weeks.

In the past two nights, there was a notable decline in the number of car burnings _ a barometer of the intensity of the country's worst civil unrest in nearly four decades.

See? Things are getting better.

Arsonists attacked again overnight, the 14th straight day of violence. However, car burnings fell again overnight to 482 from 617 the previous night, Hamon said. The peak in car arsons was overnight between Sunday and Monday, when 1,408 vehicles were torched. The number has steadily dropped every night since then.


Vandals set 11 cars ablaze and rammed a burning car into a primary school in the southern city of Toulouse, damaging its entrance, police said. Another school was set on fire in the eastern city of Belfort.

See? Only around 500 cars were burned last night, down from around 1,400. It's much better. Oh, and only two schools were seriously damaged by rioters. Again - no big deal.

I hope we can still rely on the AP to report this fairly. 500 cars burned in one night is still one hell of an uprising.

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