Thursday, November 10, 2005

More News that Sounds Like a Joke

...and in my opinion, is...

So it seems that Tuesday brought a 58% supported handgun ban to the city of San Francisco. Fantastically named "Proposition H" (and, by the way, the voters must have felt that "Proposition H" felt good - on the whole) is generally written, and would ban handguns for everyone except police officers. Museums, guns in plays, and traveling exhibits are evidently all banned as well. Also, no penalties for compliance were included - the city council is supposed to create those soon.

Of course the NRA is suing ASAP to repeal the law under the premise that it is contradictory to the state's ability to regulate gun ownership. This is a fairly reasonable assumption.

All in all I think gun bans are silly. I have always thought that banning guns is fundamentally foolish because there are very few criminals that use legally purchased and owned guns! Criminals don't go out and buy a gun at Wal-Mart before they knock over a bank - they get one through other shady means. The only thing a gun ban does is take guns from law-abiding citizens that purchase them for sport and protection.

San Francisco's ban is also fundamentally stupid in that now all the handgun owners are going out to buy shotguns (oops...). And another thing - handguns are only banned from San Francisco citizens. That way when I go to visit the bay area, I can pack all the heat I want - I don't live there!

So, anyway - I guess the gun ban irks me. It just means that if a criminal meets a guy walking in a dark alley he knows the worst that could happen to him if he were to commit a crime is pepper spray. It leaves the criminals armed and the citizens vulnerable.

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