Thursday, November 17, 2005

Religious Persecution

As Christmas approaches I am reminded more and more often of the all-out assault on Christianity that happens across the country every December. In many cases I understand the reasons for changes that are made (such as Wal-Mart forbidding their employees from wishing anyone a "Merry Christmas") and in many other cases I don't (The Iowa State University "Festival of Trees and Lights" Renamed the "Festival of Lights" with a "holiday" tree).

The all-out war on religion has no logic or any bounds. Take this story for example. FoxNews is reporting on a guy in New Mexico suing a city for the city's logo being an image three crosses.

A federal lawsuit seeks to have the logo, which depicts three adjoining crosses, changed to something that does not include any reference to Christianity.

Filed by Paul Weinbaum and Martin Boyd, the lawsuit claims the logo amounts to religious persecution of non-Christians.

"The last time we saw crosses on a police uniform is the examples from Nazi Germany...

You see, crosses in a city logo that happen to appear on police uniforms = nazism. Right.

One thing about this story that I just can't get past is the fact that this man claims seeing crosses in a city logo amounts to "religious persecution," yet the name of the city is Las Cruces, which is obviously Spanish for "the crosses." Why doesn't he advocate to change the name of the city, too? I wish the guy would take his own advice...

"I almost get upset spending time on this because we have other things we can be taking care of."

I feel the same way.

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