Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Economy Lie

215,000 jobs created in November. 4.3 % increase in GDP. What do these things have in common? None of them are reported by the mainstream media. Actually, none of them are reported outside of claiming that Bush is trying to "take advantage of them."

A quick search of for "economy" yields the only two articles that even remotely describe our current economic boom. The first, titled "Bush out to dispel economic pessimism" paints Bush as an opportunist trying to dissuade the public from their bleak outlook. Well, if you think the economy is bad then you do have a bleak outlook and you should... oh never mind. The US media refuses to cover it.

The other article, "Bush hopes for lift from upbeat reports" explains the President's speeches on the economy as simply publicity stunts in order to increase public opinion of himself.

These articles are from the AP and Reuters, and both of them toss in references to GM cutting jobs and Bush's "failed" initiative to advance Social Security reform. Is it any wonder the American people think the economy is bad?

The media full-court press against the Bush administration is reaching proportions of hilarity. The quote in the first article, "Bush said nearly 4.5 million new jobs have been added since May 2003, including 215,000 in November" makes it sound like these number aren't even facts. Why is it that the media does this? Why is it that no one seems to notice or care?

If the economy was bad (which, by the way, it isn't) wouldn't it be blamed on Bush? Why can't he take credit for his tax cuts?

P.S. - The Washington Times is now running a series of articles about good news from Iraq. Their story today? The massive positive strides the Iraqi economy has made since 2003. Why is it that the media refuses to cover this story? From Powerline:

Of course, mainstream news sources don't report the good news about America's economy, either.

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