Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Teach your kids

I debated whether or not to post on this, but I've decided to. On the Fox Report last night (go to FoxNews and click on the video link on the right-hand of the page. It's under the "Only on Fox" category) they had the story of a third grade teacher making 8 year olds write letters to government officials advocating for "an end to the war in Iraq" under the guise that it would teach "civic responsibility" and handwriting skills. They interviewed one grandparent who is against the assignment (which was cancelled by the school superintendent the next day) and another parent who appreciated the assignment for her child. They interviewed the child and her parent who said it would have been an opportunity for third graders to find out "what's going on with the war."

"We need the war to stop because, like, almost every week we have something about the war coming up." The child quickly looked to her mother to see if her answer was right.

"Is that good or bad that we hear?"

The 8 year-old knew this one. "Bad!"

I don't have any problem for parents to teach their children about the world and news events. I know my parents always carried with them a deep fear that any future war would be another Vietnam and I would be a casualty (especially during Desert Storm and 9/11). But indoctrinating your kids about something at an age when they have no clue what they're saying is ridiculous, seriously. This kid definitely knew the right answer, but had no idea what it meant. A brainwashed political ideologist in the making. I know lots of people who still haven't progressed from where this child is now. Sad

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