Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hurricanes and "Global Warming" - the Final Say

With another record-breaking hurricane forming in the Atlantic the cries of "environmentalists" are no doubt beginning to call "global warming" as the cause of this year's very active season. However, in the event someone drops the "global warming" explanation, you can counter with this enormous paper put out by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association that explains:

1) There are trends in hurricane numbers and strength
2) We are in an active 20 - 30 year trend starting in 1995
3) Ocean temperatures and wind shear levels that dictate these trends are naturally occurring climate changes (this one might be the hardest to swallow for "global warming" lovers - that global climate change can be "natural")
4) The coastal population boom during the period of lesser hurricane activity (1970-1994) will make the damage caused by the current active period much more devastating and costly
5) That the number and strength of hurricanes is not influenced by "global warming" even if "global warming" is caused by man-made factors.


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