Thursday, December 01, 2005

Move On and the Dishonesty of the Left

Here we go again.

For those of you who don't know, a number of blogs have gotten together and formed a thing called Pajamas Media, after the early reports when Dan Rather was destroyed that bloggers "sit at home in pajamas." Anyway, a number of blogs have joined forces to bring you all this composite-blog-thing.

Anyway, a site like this has excellent abilities to link to a number of blogs at the same time, so I'll just send you there for the story.

It seems that everybody's favorite billionaire-financed lefty website put out a TV ad over Thanksgiving that showed sad troops eating a meager Thanksgiving meal in Iraq, and explained in the voice-over that these troops were sad they weren't home and it was all George Bush's fault. Pretty typical Move On ad. Well, the only problem is that the ad showed British soldiers eating a sad and meager meal. While this alone isn't too big of a deal (besides Move On lying about who was in their ad) Move On went on to photoshop away on their website one of the British soldier's shorts in order to cover up a common aspect of British uniforms. They lied about it and tried to fake it. Move on has since pulled the ad. Classy.

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