Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Nobel Prize for Failure

Congratulations to Mohamed ElBaradei for receiving the Nobel Prize for failure today in Oslo. ElBaradei is the head of the UN's toothless watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and has been known for such wisdom as demanding the US dismantle its nuclear arsenal, not acting against the terrorist regime of Iran but rather waiting for a "smoking gun" (a.k.a. radioactive crater), and has allowed both Iran and North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

Today as he received his medal for failure he claimed that nuclear weapons everywhere should be as taboo as slavery or genocide.

It's too bad that the UN disagrees with its toothless watchdog. Only Colin Powell made a public statement that the mass murders in Darfur were "genocide" and the UN refused and still refuses to act to stop it. Interesting.

I suppose to the UN genocide is just as "taboo" as the proliferation of nuclear weapons. There's a whole lot of it, and the UN is completely powerless to stop it.

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