Sunday, December 11, 2005

Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive; New York Times' Information is Vast and Quite Obvious

While the New York Times shrills about the US military's information machine, they themselves are far more corrupt and one-sided than the US military will ever be.

While I make no apologies for the more-than-shady activities of US soldiers writing uncredited articles to Iraqi newspapers, lets put this into perspective. Bush believes that freedom and democracy is the cure for the tyrannical dictatorships of the middle east (and I agree). Then why shouldn't we be spreading our message?

The Times, on the other hand, is interested in one thing - money. While the US government is trying to spread freedom and democracy, the Times is trying to save it's plummeting circulation numbers and hopes to not have to fire 3,000 people again this year. The Times is quite obvious about their bias, and college professors, Democrats, and followers of Cindy Sheehan are happy to meet the paper's desire for income.

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