Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is the purpose of the U.N.?

Word has leaked that Israel is planning on taking out Iran's nuclear capabilities if the UN fails. I suppose this scenario begs the question, what is the purpose of the UN? Is it not to stop this kind of thing from happening?

While the fool head of the International Atomic Energy Agency receives his Nobel Prize for failure and seeks to wait and see a "smoking gun" from Iran (a.k.a. a smoking crater in Israel) Israel is a bit less than content to wait and see whether Iran is successful in its nuclear ambitions.

Lets review: Iran is a terrorist tyrannical dictatorship with desires for world domination and is almost finished creating its own nuclear weapons. While the US has given up, Europe has slapped their wrist, and Russia has tried to buy them off, the UN has done a whole lot of nothing, and it might just lead to World War III.

A number of years ago when the world was sleeping, Israel single-handedly blew up Iraq's nuclear weapons-production facility in 1981 (sold to them by France and their now-president Chirac when he was a foreign minister). Since that worked so well and the international community is again worthless, why won't they try it again? Who do you think Iran's first nuke will go to? France?

So beyond the sinister desires of the men who leaked and reported this story we should all truly evaluate what this means. The UN has reached epic proportions of worthlessness (more so than the League of Nations ever did), there is a tyrannical homicidal dictator who is bent on world domination and close to getting his own nukes, and the UN agency responsible for stopping him gets a medal for nothing.

I'm more than concerned.

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