Thursday, December 08, 2005

The UN is a mockery of an institution

Ah, yes. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse it does. November 29 marked the UN's "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People." There's nothing really wrong with this, except that at the reception the UN displayed the non-existent Palestinian state's flag and a map showing the region and omitting the existence of the UN member state of Israel.

The good news is that there's this guy name John Bolton, and he's the ambassador to the UN from the US. He is doing, well... exactly what we hoped he would do.

Here the UN security council passed a condemnation on a Hezbollah attack on Israel after initially refusing to do so (and they have never condemned Hezbollah for murders before).

When asked what changed from Monday to Wednesday, one diplomatic official replied: “John Bolton,” a reference to the US ambassador to the UN. Bolton lobbied vigorously for the passage of the statement.

Here the UN passed six resolutions condemning Israel and (non-bindingly) demanding Israel withdrawal from the West Bank.

“These resolutions are purely symbolic,” Bolton told reporters at the UN. “It is one reason why many people say the UN is not really useful in solving actual problems. We have been making enormous progress toward solutions in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that progress has benefited from UN participation, but it does not benefit from needless repetition of meaningless resolutions in the General Assembly.”

Bolton, who has pressed UN member governments to reduce the number of General Assembly resolutions, said it was up to them to “decide they want to do things that are relevant.”

And yesterday Bolton struck again, compounding those who advocate for the (worthless) status quo at the UN. The UN refused to condemn a suicide bombing in Israel that blew up five civilians outside a mall. The motion that was introduced by Bolton was blocked by Algeria.

[Bolton] said “you have to speak up in response to these terrorist attacks. It’s a great shame that the Security Council couldn’t speak to this terrorist attack in Netanya, but if the Council won’t speak, the United States will.

Indeed. I like this guy. Alot.

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