Thursday, December 08, 2005

Update on the rumble of the protected classes

I wrote back in August about an interesting event at William Patterson University. A student employee responded to an email from a professor about attending a movie and following discussion about a "lesbian relationship story." The student responded that homosexuality is a "perversion" and that he wished to no longer receive these emails. The student was accused of harassment and a letter was placed in his file. The problem? The student was Muslim.

Today the school ruled that the Muslim student's claim of homosexuality to be a "perversion" is free speech and the letter was removed from his file.

I originally thought that this story was so interesting because it represents the up and coming problem of universities unilaterally supporting minority or "underrepresented" students. Sooner or later two groups of "protected" student were going to clash, and here it was.

I really don't care either way how the case was ruled. What I do know is that if I, as a Christian, had wrote the same email back to the same professor there is no way my "Christian" opinion would have been free speech. Most universities will soon no longer be able to hide by "supporting" all minority student groups when they begin to clash on ideology, especially when any criticism of the group can be ruled "harassment."

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