Thursday, March 09, 2006

Democrats - "Give us your money!"

From Governor Dean:

Dear Friend,

In the history of our nation, no group of lawmakers has dodged its responsibility to the American people more than the current Republican Congress.

Instead of doing the people's business, the Republican majority on Capitol Hill operates in a secretive culture of corruption that lets special interests and right-wing lobbyists write our laws in backrooms and behind closed doors. There's no accountability, no oversight, and the American people are paying the price for a Republican majority only concerned with expanding its political power.

So what should I do?

Help take back Congress in 2006. Make a contribution to the DNC now.

Oh, ok. But - what are you guys going to do differently?

That said, it's no secret the American people are tired of and worried about the Republican culture of corruption now rampant in Washington.

Alright, so - what are you going to do?

Starting right now - and with your help - we've got to work every day in every state to tell voters about our Democratic values and our vision for America.

Good - finally. So what are your values?

Support the Democratic Party's 2006 efforts.

I know you want me to give money - but what do you stand for?

$8,000,000 is the minimum we need to raise so that we have the necessary resources to:

-Conduct ongoing grassroots trainings for Democratic precinct captains who are essential to building our Party's strength on the ground.
-Support the work of Democratic Party field organizers making sure they are on the ground early in critical precincts.
-Run phone banks so we can locate and mobilize Democratic and independent voters that are critical to our success on Election Day.
-Train canvassers who will take our Party's message right to voters' doorsteps.

$8 million? All you want to do is to call people and tell them to vote for Democrats? I though you were going to tell me your values?

State-by-state, precinct-by-precinct, door-by-door, vote-by-vote, we are going to take this country back for the working Americans who built it.

Thank you,
Governor Howard Dean M.D.

Honestly it's almost funny that the Democrats can't figure out why they lose elections. No party can win without standing for something besides opposition. I realize that emails like that go out to self-identified Democrats but if they ever hope to break through the Republican majority they should take some lessons from a certain Newt Gingrich. Republicans didn't win both houses of congress and the presidency because of the corruption and mistakes of the Democrats, they did because they told America that they stood for things, and then defined what those things were.

Congrats Dr. Dean - you are set up to lose in November.

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