Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Lefty Blogoshpere

As you may or may not be aware, I tend to check a variety of blogs and news sources every day. Most of these are displayed on the left of the site, and these serve as a daily reference for me to see what people are talking/writing about. Over the past few weeks it has begun to seem more and more apparent to me that those on the left who post their thoughts on the internet are becoming less an less in touch with reality.

For example - here are the highlights of just two of the left's most popular websites. First, the Democratic Underground, famous for nutso comments and readers alike, is still totally obsessed with electronic voting machines and problems with them. What? Isn't this news like totally 2004?

Next, at the most-read liberal website in the world, the Daily Kos (famous for saying that the contractors killed in Fallujah a few years ago were "mercenaries" for which his epitaph for their deaths was "screw them" ), has an article describing the supposed shame we are to have for our country:

I am ashamed of my fellow Americans. Ashamed that they haven't flooded the streets. Ashamed they care more about Brangelina than the Bill of Rights. Ashamed that they're seemingly ok with the subtle but steady transformation from democracy to dictatorship. Ashamed that they are so gullible.


I am ashamed of myself. For not having the courage or the strength to do anything else but sit here and blog. I write. I protest. I vote. And yet, I'm impotent. Stuck in a unrelenting cycle of hope and despair and hope and despair. What a curse it is to be 23 and want to change the world. What a curse to be so disillusioned so early in life. What a curse to want to change a world that will not change...that cannot change? That cannot change as long as we sit and wait for others to change it. That cannot change as long as our elected Democrats refuse to take a principled stand. That cannot change until they--until we--appreciate the gravity of the situation before us: we are losing America.

This same DKos writer calls the Republicans "Taliban" and claims that Bush has "shredded" the Constitution. Articles like this are pretty much all the content that is posted on the Kos anymore, seeing as every single Democratic politician this site has supported over the past five years has lost their election - there isn't much else to write about.

This two websites are the no longer the harbingers of things to come for the Democratic party - these are the norm. The Democrats - after losing election after election - have descended into such a self-deprecating funnel of despair of their own creation the only way for them to "fight" back is to cling to more and more radical leftist ideals and spew them all over their websites. No longer can you go there to read liberal commentary or contrasting ideas - all you get is voter fraud two years ago and an attempt at self-imposed shame.

The Democrats had better figure out hard and fast that the only way to move on an win future elections is to come up with something to stand for, not things to stand against. If there is one thing that I do not feel for my country at this exact moment it is most certainly not shame.

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