Friday, May 19, 2006

Congressional Democrats make us proud

First, we have two of our favorites Russ Feingold and Dianne Feinstein arguing with Michael Hayden that 1) If Bush told you to do something that's wrong would you do it? and 2) Since the CIA was wrong about WMD's in Iraq (wait a minute - didn't Bush lie about that?) then how can we ever trust the CIA again?

And finally my favorite, Ted Kennedy arguing that illegal immigrants, if and when they become citizens, should get Social Security benefits for when they were working illegally:

"Their money sits in the Social Security Administration waiting to be matched with an eligible beneficiary, and once those workers establish the eligibility, how in all fairness can we deny them the credit for their past contributions?" asked Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat.

Let's not penalize them for breaking the law or anything, Ted. Oh, and how delusionally (or idiotic) do you have to be (Ted Kennedy) to think that there is even a Social Security fund anymore? The proceeds go to the general budget where they are spent on anything! I feel bad for people that think that the government is holding on to that paycheck deduction just to give it back when you retire. However, in Ted Kennedy's world anything is possible...

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