Friday, May 19, 2006

Howard Dean on Michael Hayden

It's a good thing I subscribe to the DNC email list. Howard Dean is having a complete breakdown over their listserv:

As the director of the National Security Agency, Michael Hayden oversaw the creation of the massive domestic spying program revealed last week. Now George Bush wants him to run the CIA.

Maye if Howard says "domestic spying" enough times we'll forget that the programs 1)listened in on foreign terrorists when they made phone calls into the US and 2)complied phone numbers that any Tom, Dick, or Harry could get with a phone call and a few bucks.

His answers to questions from Congress and from the press have been evasive at best and downright false at worst.

Proof? Evidence? I guess Howard doesn't need any...

Some Republicans will try to pretend that this is just another political fight.


When the Senators meet to decide on Hayden's confirmation, they must hear the voices of their constituents. We want to deliver the voices of 100,000 Americans who oppose this nomination. Will you add your name?

It's not a political fight, yet Howard is organizing a petition of people that have neither the power nor the ability to actually change how anyone votes in the for-show-only shenanigans of a Senate confirmation. If this email and opposition is not a political move, then what is it?

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