Friday, June 30, 2006

The Israelis and the Palestinians

I have rarely commented on the state of affairs between Israel and the Palestinians, but with recent events I feel compelled to fire off some commentary.

The history between these two is quite long and contested, so let us only focus on the present. As an attempt to halt hostilities between the two groups, Israel decided this year to withdraw all their forces, and civilian settlements from the Gaza strip. It was hoped that after Palestinian leader (dictator) Arafat's death that some territory of their own and a new government would allow the Palestinians to start functioning like a real country. However, as many believed, it has led to just the opposite. The Palestinians decided to put their vote where their mouth was and elect terrorists to run their government - terrorists sworn the destroy the Israeli state and to murder all Jews. In reaction to this election Palestinians have begun to pay the price - many nations, including the US, have decided that since the Palestinians elected terrorists they can find their own way to pay their bills - unless they recognize Israel's "right to exist."

In response to this pressure the Palestinians have done nothing - besides fire rockets daily into Israeli towns near the Gaza strip. After a few deadly attacks, the Israelis shelled some towns in Gaza, and the Palestinians returned fire when terrorists accidentally blew up some families on a beach and blamed the Israelis. Even after this farce was exposed (after it was determined that the IDF fired no shells within hours of the incident, and the shrapnel from the beach and victims did not mach any Israeli munitions, despite Palestinians doctor's disturbing attempt sat removing it from all of the victims) the Palestinians decided to call an end to their previous "truce," which meant they just keep firing rockets into Israel every day.

Finally, some Palestinian terrorists attacked a border crossing and kidnapped a wounded 19 year old Israeli soldier. Israel's response - give him back unconditionally or else.

The Palestinians refused, and Israel attacked. As those responsible for the kidnapping are Hamas terrorists, and the government is run by Hamas, Israel no longer has to distinguish between the two.

In other words, since the Palestinians elected terrorist leaders, now the Israelis are making war with the Palestinian "state."

I fully support the Israelis in their offensive. I hope that they find the soldier alive, although I fear he's already dead, as it is evident now that the other Jewish settler they kidnapped was murdered immediately after he was taken.

The Israelis have arrested Hamas terrorist (government) leaders as they should. These men are complicit with Palestinian terror. Also, we can see what side the press is on - running photos like this hoping to stir up some Muslim anger after Israelis bombed the Palestinian government (terrorist) headquarters, and stories like this that claim the Hamas government (terrorist) leaders were "kidnapped."

We'll keep watching this story to see what unfolds. In my opinion, Palestinians are beyond any kind of sympathy. I'm not sure of what group of people in world history have done more to destroy themselves than the Palestinians. If they would give back the Israeli soldier and stop trying to kill Jews their problems would be over. Period.

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