Thursday, June 29, 2006


In a sweeping move today, the Supreme Court of the United States proved again that it is the most powerful entity on Earth, save for God himself.

In Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld it overruled in one single day the will of the United States Congress, the President of the United States, the Geneva Conventions, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Hamdan, a Taliban terrorist working for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2001, now has the right to a trial by jury in the United States - just like a US citizen. Regardless of the fact that the President has the Constitutional authority to make war, in this case approved of by the congress; regardless of the Congress' ruling that detainees at Guantanamo bay are not prisoners of war and therefore their claims cannot be heard in US courts; regardless of the fact that the Geneva Conventions and the UCMJ does not recognize terrorists in plain clothes hiding among civilians as being eligible for their protection - the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hamdan anyway.

Now all of the prisoners in Guantanamo will receive the same rights and privileges as citizens of the United States. They will be tried by jury in the US, and their punishments will be leveled at them in civilian courts.

Not only does this ruling allow terrorists to operate with impunity on the battlefield, it actually guarantees that 1) the US will never detain terrorists in US territory again and 2) terrorists operating as civilians will be considered the same rights as uniform-wielding civilian-protecting enemy soldiers.

This is a dark day for the war on terror, and also lends an ironically humorous rebuttal to liberals' cries of "overreaching" executive power. It's the Supreme Court that we need to watch out for.

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