Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Liberal Trailblazing

Spain's parliament is set to recognize the legal rights of apes today, as part of their "Great Ape Project."

Parliament is to ask the government to adhere to the Great Ape Project, which would mean recognizing that our closest genetic relatives should be part of a "community of equals" with humans, supporters of the resolution said

The move in a country better known for bull-fighting would follow a string of social reforms which have converted Spain from one of Europe's most conservative nations into a liberal trailblazer.

Did you get that? Securing the rights of animals over the rights of unborn humans makes Spain a "liberal trailblazer."

The Spanish move could set a precedent for greater legal protection for other animals, including elephants, whales and dolphins, said Paul Waldau, director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University.

Do you think that Paul Waldau would argue that legalizing gay marriage would "set a precedent" to stretch the definition of marriage to include human to animal matrimony, or adult to children? It sounds like the slippery slope argument to me...

Does this mean that in Spain, if your ape becomes an undue financial burden the government will open up ape disposal stations? The implications of this are mind boggling...

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