Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is what bothers me

From the dutiful mainstream media-watching folks at Newsbusters, a post about The Early Show. Harry Smith was interviewing someone from the "Cook Political Report," whatever that is. During the questions about the recent New York Times' leaks, Harry asked his guest whether or not this is just a chance for Bush to go after the "evil media." His guest went on to describe how politically beneficial it was for the President to take a stance on this recent issue.

Harry followed it up with, "Yea - easy target."

While I really can't complain too much about this (no on really watches the Early Show anyway) this clip shows clearly the liberal bias in the media. Days after the Time revealed aspects of a secret, successful, and completely legal anti-terrorism program in spite of requests by the President and the Treasury secretary not to, we have a news personality making a clear point that the only reason Bush has made any statements about the story is because it will earn him political capital on an "easy target."

I worry about those who believe this line of reasoning, and those who may be led to believe if they watch "news" programs like this regularly.

The New York Times is simply treasonous, and desperate to improve its collapsing circulation numbers. It should be held responsible.

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