Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ames for Iowa State Daily Employees

Ames, Iowa, is hosting the first ever Special Olympics National Games this next week. Athletes started arriving Thursday evening and will be participating in events July 1 through July 8.

In an attempt to welcome the participants and fans of the Special Olympics to Iowa State University's campus, the worthless student paper created a newpaper insert with information about getting around our fair town. The title: Ames for Dummies.

None of the reporters caught the mistake. None of the editors realized the double entendre. The printers didn't notice or didn't speak up. A few copies were even distributed on campus before the mistake was realized and retracted.

The bad news is that the Daily didn't have the sense to realize the consequences of their editorial decisions; the good news is that these newsies have a bright future at the New York Times.

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