Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Do voters respond to anything but negative advertising?

Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has laid out a great set of priorities and started the policy debate about our country's priorities in 2008. Read here.

Although vague, I completely agree with his initial message on health care (every American needs insurance thru market reforms, not gov't programs), immigration (know who is entering, but greatly expand legal immigration) and post-9/11 foreign relations (support modern Muslim nations, secular education, modern finanical markets and human rights). I would only add to his other policy goals. Read the article, it's great. It's also important to note what he's not focused on: global warming hysteria, "two Americas," gay marriage, flag burning , and other demagoguery. This guy seems to be the real deal, and--whether you agree with his policy or not--a responsible politican.

Voters say they want an educated debate and an end to negative ads. Will voters respond by making other candidates lay out a plan like Romney has done, or will voters embrace the low road and shun enlightened discourse?

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