Sunday, July 09, 2006

Utterly Indescribable

Drudge is reporting today that Time is going to run a story claiming the end has come to the "Bush Doctrine." Evidently violence in Iraq, Iran's nuclear ambitions, and North Korea's fun with missiles proves that Bush's attempt to spread democracy around the globe has failed.

It seems that the main argument proving that "cowboy diplomacy" has failed is that Bush didn't threaten military action against North Korea after they test fired their missiles.

The bizarre notion here is obvious - if Bush would have directly threatened North Korea, would not Time be writing articles about his diplomacy in the same negative light?

Of course they would.


Clint said...

This has nothing to do with a retreat by Bush from his "Bush Doctrine" and everything to do with resources. The U.S. doesn't have the staffing or equipment to make a pre-emptive strike on a 3rd front (Iraq, Afghanistan). Additionally, the U.S. taxpayer doesn't have the stomach for an increase to the already record-high defense spending. Bush is playing nice because he doesn't have any other options.

radar said...

My point was that Time magazine would be on Bush's case regardless of what he does. Talk tough against North Korea or press for 6-party talks, Time magazine will say the Bush foreign policy has failed.

Also, I would say that we can handle North Korea or Iran. Our Air Force and Naval forces are well equipped to raise hell in either country. Enough to end nuclear and/or missle programs at least...