Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Global Cooling

For those of you who have read a few of my tirades against "global warming," then you know the theory holds a special place in my heart.

One of the biggest and most logical attacks on the theory is the simple fact that only 150 years of worldwide climatological data exists for the planet. Even if ice core and tree ring evidence says that 2006 is the warmest year in 400 years, that means scientist are predicting worldwide temperature trends with .0000088% of the worlds climate history. Ignoring the dozens of worldwide ice ages that have hit the planet, the most recent about 10,000 years ago, scientists insist that this period of climate change, unlike every other climate change in Earth's history, is somehow unnatural.

To further mock the scientists and theory of global warming, you need look no further into the past than 30 years ago, when scientists were claiming that a global cooling trend was caused by man and would forever alter life on this planet. I have recently come across this article from Time magazine in 1974, with the same "global warming" themes, except that the article details the disasters of man-made global cooling: discrediting scientist who think Earth temperature changes are dictated by the sun, and claiming that the cooling trend would forever alter the Earth for the worse.

It seems that climatologists should look to the past for climate predictions - both in order to realize that 150 or 400 years of climate data is not enough to prove trends, and to realize the enormous mistakes of their past.

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