Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Best of Radar

... on "Global Warming"

Global (Warming) Shenanigans
The crux of my argument against the theory of global warming.

The Unstoppable Fantasy
Claims that "global warming" is already unstoppable.

No Matter What We Do!
Decreasing pollution actually increases "global warming?"

Environmental Destruction of the Earth Visible from Space!
"Global Warming" theory from the space shuttle.

Non-Experts use Abstract Facts and Unsubstantiated Events to "Prove" Theory
Hillary Clinton and John McCain "prove" "global warming."

Another Climate Change Laugh
Yes, you can sue to stop "global warming."

I've had it: The Truth About Hurricanes and "Global Warming"
Exactly what it says.

Global Warming not so Global...
"Global warming" on Mars. Crap!

So it Begins - Science is the Attack Dog; Scientists will say anything...
More hurricane and "global warming" conspiracy theories.

Here we go again!
The latest media attempt to "prove" the theory.

"Global Warming" in Europe
Another assault on the inconsistencies and problems with "groupthink" science.

The Economist and "Global Warming"
An excellent article on global climate change; yet no evidence that this change is anything but natural.

Global Warming is Natural and Trees are Bad
Some thoughts on bad science and environmental assumptions.

More on this bizarre myth.
Using .0000088% of the worlds climate history to "prove" their theory.
Cooling, warming - what's the difference?

Global Warming Beat-Down
A thorough destruction of global warming alarmism in the media.

...on Liberalism in Academia

Academia Prejudiced
How liberalism in higher education is the norm.

Academia Prejudiced Again
The continuing struggle against political stereotypes in education.

Political Dialogs - Volume 1: Political Assumptions and Activism
Political Dialogs - Volume 2: Concerns
A conversation with college students concerning politics.

The Continuing Crisis in Higher Education
One of my many indoctrination classes on socialism and revisioned history.
A conservative Ohio legislator enters the lion's den.

...and all the rest

Political Correctness, Religious Pluralism, and the "Holidays"
The backlash from the all-out assault on Christmas.

Fear of Academic Freedom
Why colleges and universities don't actually believe in intellectual discourse.

The Frightening Muslim Oppression of Women
Something we should all know about.


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