Thursday, September 21, 2006

Best Of The Web This Thursday

National Review Online had a great article on potential cases for the Supreme Court to hear during their next session. As I have discussed before, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold) is clearly unconstitutional, barely SCOTUS-approved after Sandra Day O'Connor's dice gave her the thumbs-up; the election-speech restrictions that made it harder to hear concerned citizens and easier for incumbent politicans was doomed from the day it was signed. Another potential case: can a school district tell parents they can't use education voucher money for private religious schools? Fuck no! Goddam hippies cannot fathom individuals being allowed the "right to define one’s own concept of existence" unless it has to do restrictions on abortion. wtf.

Also check out Cafe Hayek, where economists are pointing out some of the flaws of calls for increased gov't warning labels. I've been in California for only four days, but it's already apparent that the state believes citizens around me aren't too capable at making wise decisions. I'm sure it's hard for people to take a step back and realize that although problem may exist and a government body may be able to dole out a solution, the solution can be more disruptive than the problem.

For a good laugh, check out liberals confusion about House Minority Leader Pelosi and Crackhead Extraordinaire Rangel defending President Bush after ridiculous attacks from Hugo Chavez. From the eyes of many of the dKos Kidz, morally right is defined as "the opposite of whatever Bush says." True progressyves find no problem taking sides with a populist dictator running a country into the ground as long as he's critical of our President.

Friday's WSJ has an article about the sorry state of teacher's colleges. They may do a good job at concocting new diversity buzz-words, but the quality of university departments of education lags far behind other programs. As a letter to the editor a while back said, education is the only multi-billion dollar industry that conducts zero R&D. Unlike law, medicine, engineering, etc., there's not even an idea of what skill/knowledge sets make a good teacher. The article closes by suggesting we track student acheivement by teacher instruction; it's a step in the right diection.

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radar said...

Indeed. I was marginally amazed to see a few Democrats attacking crazy Chavez's attack on Bush. Pigs will fly...