Monday, September 18, 2006

Fighting Back

Newsbusters is highlighting some of the attempts of individuals to fight back against the liberal media. It's one of the reasons I read Newsbusters, actually - to see these clever little stories.

First off, we have the Fox morning show mocking the media in general. Bush's poll numbers have taken a 9-point upswing in the past few weeks - which has been completely ignored by the media. Here is an excerpt of their on-air chat:

Steve Doocy: "Brian, give me the "New York Times" there for a second. So, this is really big news for the White House and I'm sure it's going to be on page 1. So anyway, with a –because I know that when the president's approval rating was falling, it was on page 1. So I’m sure the, oh, there's a sale at Macy's. I’m sure it’s going, well we’re on Page 10. "The Wire" got good reviews."

E.D. Hill: "We must have missed it…"

Steve Doocy: "I'm sure it's in classifieds. Chris Wallace is live from Washington. Chris, why is it a big story when the president's numbers are going down and they don't even talk about it when it's going up?"

Chris Wallace: "Because, you know, that's one of those questions that I think answers itself, Steve. It is very interesting, and it's a significant movement. There's no question about it, that's a nine point swing, when you take the increased approval and the decreased disapproval, that's a nine point swing to the president in a couple of weeks and there’s a poll you didn't show which I think is, frankly, more important."

Next, we have a bit more evidence of Bush's hidden ability to make intelligent conversation. Being a person that has watched George W. Bush speak in person, I know his capabilities and the limits reading from a cue-card puts on him. At press conferences specifically, Bush usually is extremely quick-witted and clever when bantering with the liberal reporters. The other day was no exception:

Bush: "Let's see, New York Times, Sheryl."
Stolberg: "Hi, Mr. President."
Bush: "Fine. How are you doing?"
Stolberg: "I'm well today, thank you." (Laughter.)
Bush: "Did you start with, hi, Mr. President?"
Stolberg: "Hello, Mr. President."
Bush: "Okay, that's fine. Either way, that's always a friendly greeting, thank you."
Stolberg: "We're a friendly newspaper."
Bush: "Yeah. (Laughter.) Let me just say, I'd hate to see unfriendly." (Laughter.)


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