Monday, September 18, 2006

The Media is the Enemy

AP photographer Bilal Hussein has been held in US Military custody in Iraq for five months. He was arrested in the company of a number of terrorist big-whigs, and has been known to photograph terrorists, murders, and terrorists in action.

The AP is spinning the story to cry out for Hussein's release. However, the facts included miss the obvious overtones.

The AP claims that their journalists are impartial, and Hussein's connection with al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq is just one example of journalists who make friends with "unsavory" characters in order to report the news.

What is becoming increasingly clear in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, and elsewhere is that local news agencies hired by world news providers are neither impartial nor acquaintances with terrorists: these news reporters, journalists, and photographers are in active league with terrorists in order to disseminate their propaganda throughout the world.

The AP, Reuters, and other news agencies hire local terrorist-sympathising journalists who gladly don the uniform of the western media in order to report the terrorist doings of their neighbors. The media is no longer impartial, it is truly the enemy.

The plight of Bilal Hussein is a perfect example.

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