Friday, September 29, 2006

Killer Squirrels and World Domination

It seems that all of that "don't feed the wildlife" has come back to haunt the people of Mountain View, California. A city park's management recently authorized the use of animal-proof garbage can lids, and has been encouraging visitors to stop feeding the squirrels. However, with the squirrels' food supply running low they have become increasingly hostile and have even attacked individuals and small children in order to get food from them.

The park is considering trapping the psycho squirrels and euthanizing them. As you might expect, animal rights activists are starting to go as nuts as the squirrels in response to this announcement.

However, one thing about this story is being conveniently ignored by the media. As we all know, Google has been and is trying to take over the world - and Google's headquarters is in Mountain View, California!

Killer squirrels suddenly unleashed on the public in world-dominating Google's backyard and no one notices? Coincidence?

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