Thursday, September 28, 2006

One thing to remember

Today Tom McMahon of the DNC sent to his email list another scare-tactic email warning of "right-wing" propaganda and the Republican "spin machine." He was referring to the Democrats dishonest and ridiculous attempt at declassifying the most recent NIE that has to do with Iraq. They're asking for something they know they can't have, in order to get the headlines they want. In reality, the NIE should never have been released, and the Democrats plan of selectively leaking portions of it for political gain backfired widely when Bush declassified the relevant sections towards the leak. The entire NIE can never be released - it would expose too many national security efforts.

The problem with the Democrats for the past six years is that they have no new ideas; no plan. They claim they represent a new direction, but their plan for election publicity is the leaking of documents and the grandstanding of entrenched and elitist Washington Politicians. There was one portion of Tom's email that is worth noting, however:

America and the world will have to live with the results of this election for the next two years.

Indeed we will - and the current level of embarrassment congressional Democrats are willing to endure in the hopes of political gain reminds us all what to do come November.

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