Monday, September 04, 2006

More Sports Bias

Absolutely hilarious: first off, if you watch college football on ESPN this year (?) you evidently get the chance to watch eight different views at the same time. Second, if you watch Florida State vs. Miami, you get an awesome taste of the trend within sports media reporting - the infallibility of "good" sports teams.

Example: Miami's center snapped the ball into his own butt during one play in the second half. The quarterback was ready for a shotgun snap, and the center must have missed the memo. The announcer, hoping to minimize the obvious damage to Miami's reputation, claimed that "how could the center not realize the quarterback's hands weren't on his butt?" Of course - the center knew full well where the quarterback had lined up: 1) he knew the play (one would hope), and 2) the quarterback did a non-verbal snap count. Translation - the center screwed up big time - worse than most teams will even during pre-season non-conference play.

The announcers, not content with lying about players' mistakes on the field, went on to quickly contemplate how "each teams' national championship hopes" were affected by a win or a loss in this game. National championship hopes? Neither of these teams have a chance and let's face it - if all of Miami's players played for Iowa State, we still wouldn't be rated 12th nationally. Let's also not forget the only team that went undefeated last season in the NCAA was rated #2 until that last game.

I write a lot about bias in the media, but sometimes bias in the sport media is much more pronounced and hilarious.

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