Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today I received two emails. One from the GOP listserv and from Governor Mitt Romney. The other I received from John Kerry.

The first from the GOP describes fairly adequately the Republican position towards the upcoming election:

As a Conservative, there are many times I feel like the only red dot in America's bluest state. But that didn't stop my Republican administration from tackling the challenges that have confronted Massachusetts.


It's not just our nation's economic security at stake this fall. When it comes to defending and protecting our nation, President Bush is doing everything within his power to ensure America wins the War on Terror.


The stark differences between the two Parties present every voter with a clear choice in the 2006 elections. President Bush and Republicans will either continue to lead America to a stronger, safer, more prosperous tomorrow -- or the Democrats will stonewall our positive agenda and cut the remainder of the President's second term in half.

I believe the choice is clear. To keep America moving forward, we must elect Republican majorities to the U.S. Congress.

Next comes the Democrat opinions towards the election, courtesy of John Kerry:

This is it. The Republicans have circled their wagons and decided that control of the Senate is down to four states. They are going to throw every desperate, lying, misleading, dirty tactic they have left in the Republican playbook at our candidates.

Republicans want you to know what they’ve done and what they plan to do. Democrats want you to be wary of the “desperate, lying, misleading” Republicans.

I get a lot of these every week. I think from these you can see that the Democrats need to change the course in their election strategy.

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