Monday, October 23, 2006

Delusions of Objectivity

CNN's Jack Cafferty has been given a six-part special to look at "Broken Government." In the weeks leading up to the election Jack is doing a "news" special that describes how:

We're being bled to death, literally and figuratively in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have no border security to speak of, no port security fives year after 9/11, Social Security and Medicare well on their way to insolvency. Our national debt is staggering.

China is
kicking our butt. Like I said, had enough? Our leaders lie to us and steal from us, and do it all with a straight face. They don't think we get it. I think we do. I honestly think the upcoming midterm elections will be breathtaking in the message that deliver to Washington. It's my fervent hope that every single incumbent on the ballot will lose. It's time to start over.

This is a "news" story. Did you get that - a "news" story.

If anyone still thinks that CNN is a serious and non-biased non-partisan news agency they need to take a deep breath of reality.

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