Monday, October 23, 2006

NY Times Editor: Terrorist Surveillance Article Wrong to Print

Three months after the NY Times committed treason by printing an article on a top secret terrorist surveillance program that was designed to track world monetary transactions, the Times' ombudsman, Byron Calame, admitted that the paper should not have done it, and the program was not illegal. Ya think?

I haven’t found any evidence in the intervening months that the surveillance program was illegal under United States laws. Although data-protection authorities in Europe have complained that the formerly secret program violated their rules on privacy, there have been no Times reports of legal action being taken.

That's because it wasn't illegal ever, moron! Only you and your paper's hatred of George W. Bush caused you to publish the article!

The lack of appropriate oversight — to catch any abuses in the absence of media attention — was a key reason I originally supported publication. I think, however, that I gave it too much weight.

Allow me to translate: Even though the "Swift" board of financial masters personally and literally looked over the shoulders of US intelligence as they implemented the program, still caused me to believe that the US government and the Bush administration are fundamentally evil, so we decided to alert terrorists to the fact that their money transaction were being traced because we journalists think it's our duty not to report the news, but rather to expose secret government programs during a time of war that we don't like.

Did you get that? Oh - but now they're sorry.

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