Friday, October 27, 2006

Election Double-Standard?

Why is it when millionaires and investors toss millions of dollars of their own money into political campaigns they and their beneficiaries are accused of being manipulated by "soft money" and "special interests," and when Michael J. Fox begins a nationwide commercial blitz in states he has no connection to, the criticism of him is seen as unfair and undeserved?

Now, Fox is heading to Iowa in his support of Democratic candidate for governor Chet Culver. Why? Because Chet is a fan of embryonic stem cell research. Never mind that adult stem cells have just as much research potential, and embryonic research destroys healthy human embryos, or that embryonic stem cell research is one small election issue, Michael J. Fox is bringing the fight for Democrats to... a state he has probably never visited before.

Should he be criticized? Absolutely - for thinking that his "crusade" for stem cell research is anything besides a push for Democrats.

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