Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Rumbles of the Protected Classes

As I have written about before, there seems to be a new and emerging problem in America. We Americans have made certain classes of individuals immune from political discourse and civilized debate. To remain politically correct we must not question certain individuals and groups, and we must not call into question their beliefs.

But what happens when two of these protected groups battle each other? Who are we to side with?

Another example of this has sprung up all over the country, the most pointedly in Minneapolis. It seems that taxi drivers at the Twin Cities airport are refusing to transport certain passengers. Almost 50% of cabbies in the twin cities are Muslims, and they refuse to carry passengers who are carrying alcohol, passengers who are blind and have seeing eye dogs, and passengers who are transgendered - all due to their religious beliefs. Some of the cabbies have been disciplined, others have quit, and others are continuing on refusing service.

Are we to ask blind or transgendered individuals to just become content with discrimination? Are we to ask Muslims to ignore their religious beliefs and transport dogs and people who reject heteronormative sexuality?

It seems we have quite a problem here. Of course, if the drivers were Christians, we already know what choice would be made.

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