Friday, December 01, 2006

Christian Discrimination

My alma mater evidently does not like pesky Christians very much.

Now the LGBTAA group is protesting the new Student Organization Recognition Policy. Nevermind that they expressly stated before that they were not opposed to Christian organizations.

The proposal would grant religious organizations the right to limit membership on the basis of shared beliefs and goals.

They will also be able to adopt a non-discrimination statement that is consistent with those beliefs and goals, allowing those groups to automatically exclude people on the basis of their sexual orientation as well as race, sex, age, religious affiliation, color, marital status and disability.

I thought that the "slippery slope" argument doesn't hold up? The fact that the LGBTAA group is protesting is not too noteworthy - any attempt to battle those darn dominant Christians is worth the fight.

However, the fact that the paper claims that the policy will allow Christian groups to discriminate based on race is just preposterous. Not to mention that the groups have said all are welcome to their meetings - they only want to limit executive offices to those they believe are in good Christian standing - which excludes practicing homosexuals.

The Iowa State Daily is wrong here - and should be embarrassed at the presentation of their biases and false characterizations.

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