Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bias, Bias, Bias

In the news recently:

Minnesota Imams were removed from a US Airways flight. The Imams cried foul, discrimination, "Islamophobia."

The AP reported that 6 Iraqis were drug from a Mosque and burned to death. However, the AP's single source has been discredited.

Well, it turns out that the push-back is coming hard and strong. First, it has just been revealed that, in a manner similar to the bogus Minneapolis cab controversy, the Imams completely orchestrated the controversy. They had one-way tickets. They sat in 9/11 hijacker-similar seats. They checked no luggage. They were praying loudly - but not at a regular prayer time. They were praising Saddam Husein and Osama bin Laden. It seems that these religious authorities are now creating ways through which to be enraged.

Also, the Associated Press has lost any semblance of credibility. It seems that not only can the "burning Iraqi's" story not be corroborated, the non-Iraqi police officer "Jamil Hussain" won't show his face - if he even exists. The AP's response: they are happy with their reporting. What reporting?

And finally, a Virginia Tech professor has just completed a book detailing the old media's reporting of the President's speeches for the past six years. It seems that the media has no interest in reporting reality, but instead pushes their anti-Bush agenda. In summary:

In short, if someone were relying only on the mainstream media for information, they would have no idea what the president actually said. It was as if the press were reporting on a different speech.

Not really surprising...

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