Monday, December 04, 2006

Resident Useless Leader of a Useless Organization Makes Foolish Rant

Kofi Annan, a man with the blood of at least two separate genocides on his hands, embroiled in controversy, and the recipient of the only "no-confidence" vote in UN history, made a ridiculously idiotic comment today claiming that the current state of Iraq is "worse" than a civil war. Worse? How can anything be "worse" than a civil war?

I suppose if there were genocidal gangs of government killers backed up by raping and murdering UN troops, that would be worse.

I suppose if there were a genocidal terrorist government murdering his own people on the European continent without the intervention of the UN that would be worse.

I suppose if it were found that a rouge nation developing weapons of mass destruction for decades while murdering its own people had indeed bribed key officials within the United Nations in order to protect themselves from military or foreign intervention, that would be worse.

However, it seems that our friend Kofi is more interested in whining about the non-civil war in Iraq. Oh, and Paris is still burning...

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