Thursday, December 07, 2006

Honorable Failure

I have written a few posts on my views and beliefs towards the "Bush Doctrine," or George W.'s attempt to spread Democracy around the world. I consider this cause in the same way the President does - as one of America's responsibilities and as a sure way to also spread peace and prosperity.

However, it is clear that the Bush Doctrine has passed us on. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

This week in the news we have the final report of the Iraq Study Group, the bipartisan commission charged with looking at the future of our conflict with terrorists in Iraq.

To put it mildly, the study group has replaced spreading peace and democracy with an "honorable retreat."

The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating. There is no path that can guarantee success, but the prospects can be improved.

You really needn't read any more. The premise of the report is exactly this: (as Nancy Pelosi has already put it) there is no reason to look for "success" against the terrorist forces that torture the world. It's time to make nice with everyone and leave.

Forget about peace and prosperity. Forget about the millions of Iraqis that want democracy and freedom. Forget about the People of Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon and Libya who took action after the events of March 2003. It's time to look to more pressing matters - like gaining an "international consensus" with states, like Iran and Syria, that have no interest in the success of the Iraq government - which the study group unconscionably ignores.

There will never be a consensus with radical Islamic terrorists that want to kill us (e.g. terrorists in Iraq, Syria, and the government of Iran). The fact that the panel argues this shows they are amazingly removed from reality.

It seems to be a common thread in recent memory. The first gulf war, Somalia, and now Iraq again will all become absolute disasters loathed by liberals (especially) and conservatives alike when in five years we finally understand that the worst thing America could ever do is leave before the job was done.

We have not learned that lesson.

And we are poised to make the same mistake.

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