Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The KKK on the floor of the Senate

This post was going to be about my watching C-SPAN and laughing at the Democrats still speaking about the Republicans as the "majority" and blaming then for past mistakes. However, once former KKK Kleagle and Democratic Senator Robert Byrd took the podium and started talking about the War in Iraq, all other mockery became secondary. Senator Byrd isn't looking too good anymore, and the C-SPAN operator was kind enough to pull away and turn the microphone down when he had some trouble with a cough.

Senator Byrd also had some trouble with reality. He came to complain about the rumored troop surge in Iraq, stating incorrectly that we have "surged before" in Iraq (we haven't) and that the war has been going on in Iraq for "5 years." Oops. He stately plainly that President Bush fits the definition of "insanity" in that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. In that case the people of West Virginia are also insane for re-electing this man over and over while expecting him to not make a fool of himself on the floor of the senate.

Byrd went on to claim that the administration "lied" to the American people, a claim that is both foolish and irresponsible. He called the War in Iraq an "unprovoked attack" as if we engaged a perfectly friendly nation and its people.

Senator Byrd said both that the Iraqi government can "never survive on its own" but that we should no longer "prop up" the government, claiming that it is time to "take the training wheels off." Here Senator Byrd clearly demands surrender and defeat in Iraq (or he's senile).

Finally, he claimed that the administration is incapable of intelligent thought, and called a democratic Iraq a "half-baked goal." I suppose a democratic Germany and Japan would also be considered a "half-baked goal" by Senator Byrd in 1944, but he might have been too busy recruiting for the KKK back then to take notice.

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